Monday, February 20, 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

average american boy


he's not clean shaven,
he just couldn't grow a beard
and he's not a pretty boy
in fact he's pretty ugly
the nicest boy you'll ever see
but he never gets the girls
and he's content from 9-5
asleep from 10-4
he used to have his dreams
but he sold them for an iou
and when he's reminded
he shrugs and goes for a run
thirty minutes later,
the memory is gone
and the only dream he's got
is paid vacation time

current edit:

he's not clean shaven,
he just couldn't grow a beard
he's no pretty boy
in fact he's pretty ugly
the nicest boy you'll ever see
but he never gets the girls
and he's content from 9-5
and sleeps from 10-4
he's forgotten all his dreams
sold for an iou
and when he is reminded
he shrugs and goes for a run
and thirty minutes later,
the memory is gone
and the only dream remaining
is his paid vacation time

Monday, February 13, 2006

90 minutes cut short

a b movie romance
with too many cheesy lines
and a cliche script
the cameras are rolling

but the leading lady called in sick
now the doctor says she might not make it
to the happiest of endings

fade to black
roll the credits

tell all the extras to go home
the wedding is postponed
and the groom is left alone

Sunday, February 12, 2006

what happens to a little boy from a small town when he's told to be a man in a city that he hates

he sits on the trunk of his car
and lights another cigarette
at some God forsaken rest stop
between paradise and hell
the seat directly to his right
is unoccupied, so he keeps busy
telling stories and chatting with himself
his exaggerated honesty
is never quite a lie
he wonders where his life will lead
but he knows hes never quite alive
watching red sunsets and hazy skies
writing dozens of those damn songs
but he'll only sing when hes alone
and his OCD is kicking in
his room will never feel like home
300 miles from childhood
still further from his dreams
mixing aspartame and alcohol
trying to convince himself he's ok
now his eyes are tired
from carrying his heavy heart
it won't be long before he goes blind
she offered him her artwork
"a pictures worth a thousand words"
so he writes a dozen letters
kept in blank white envelopes
a constant reminder of that
familiar onramp buried in cigarettes
the ones he lights when he drops her off
and he swears he's not a smoker
he just hates the feeling
of leaving her behind

Friday, February 10, 2006

Classic Case - Dress to Depress

I had the pleasure of catching Classic Case on their first big national tour with He Is Legend and Project 86 (both on tooth and nail/solid state records). At the time Classic Case was unsigned and shopping. At the time they boasted a lineup of seasoned rockers and a live show that was at once powerful and precise that left me wondering how, if it were even possible, it could have been better.

At the time they were selling their EP, "It's been business doing pleasure with you", which had a few of their songs on it. I of course bought the EP for the modest price of five dollars. By the second time I saw them, Josh Moore, formerly a member of Beloved, had taken over Jared Draughon's responsibilities on guitar, allowing him to stick to his responsibilities as a frontman; they had also added a few more songs to their quiver (enough for a full-length in fact).

What resulted was an assault on the audience that will go down in the record books as one of the most intense live shows this writer has ever witnessed. After the show I talked to guitarist Josh Moore about what direction the band was taking. He said they were currently sitting on a full-length, shopping around for a record label. As it turns out they were sitting on a gold mine, and they were literally offering it to the highest bidder.

That full length album, “Dress to Depress”, was released in fall of 2005 on Help records. “Dress to Depress” hit's hard with it's first song “Revival”, and only gets more inspiring as it progresses. “Down and Out” is my personal favorite, it was originally released on their EP and later re-recorded as track 8 on their full length. It can best be described as awe inspiring, but then that would be an accurate description of every song on this CD.

The Bravery - The Bravery

The Bravery combines catchy danceable beats, unique vocals and lyrics that you can't get out of your head without a fight, to produce one of the most solid albums of 2005. If you haven't heard their self-titled debut yet, it's time to make a trip to Tower Records (or iTunes for those of us who are riding the technological wave).

Of course everyone recognizes their first single “An Honest Mistake”, which is also the first song on the cd, but there is more to this band than meets the eye. They manage to keep things interesting with the electronic side of their music, especially in “Tyrant”, and still it feels like good old rock and roll.

All engines are go in the next track, “Give In”, as they stick to their guns...err...their guitars. Not to mention the harmonies they throw in the mix which proves they are among a proud few bands that treat vocals as an instrument, not just a medium for their lyrics.

Their second radio single from the album, “Unconditional”, is one of the more memorable tracks they managed to produce. The chorus isn't one that will fade into the fog and the guitar is driving, intricate and melodic all at the same time.

It's refreshing also to hear a lower vocal range that works. Look for The Bravery to pick up speed with their sophomore release. They have already proved that they can run with the big dogs, making their mark along with heavy hitters like Head Automatica, Queens of the Stone Age and The Killers. This five piece band makes a team effort and comes up on the winning side with a couple of hit singles; better yet it's probably safe to say that the best is yet to come.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vegetarian primates

I have been told before that a vegetarian diet is unnatural for the following TWO reasons:

vitamin B12 only comes from meat or animal sources

and the fact that humans have incisors and canines (I'm told these are only found in meat eating mammals and that to deny our meat eating existence is unnatural).

I am here to dispel both of these myths.

true, vegetarians (especially vegans) have to face the facts. It is impossible in this day and age to get vitamin B12 without eating meat. However to say this means a vegetarian diet is UNNATURAL is unwarranted; the fact is, B12 is part of a bacteria that grows on the outside of plants and vegetables, as well as in the soil. It even grows in our mouths if we don't brush our teeth. So if we were completely natural (We didn't sanitize our fruit and vegetable with pesticides and chemical fruit washes, or brush our teeth), then we would get all the B12 we needed from fruit and vegetables. The fact is, we use a variety of different UNNATURAL methods to clean our fruit and vegetables and brush our teeth.

Now I get to move on to the one i dispelled ALL BY MYSELF.

the canines and incisors we have in our mouths are also found in the mouths of gorillas.

Huh, who cares, King Kong ate meat, so should we... right? wrong.

Gorillas are primarily VEGETARIAN (look it up on if you don't believe me). So what are their incisors and canines used for? The same thing ours are for. To tear and break tougher foods. Does this mean meat? No. Does this mean it's unnatural for us to eat meat? I wouldn't go that far, but I would go as far as saying that it's natural for us to NOT eat meat. The unnatural part comes when (because of modern technology and recent advancements) we can't get the same nutrients because we have neutralized them in our surroundings.

Oh and for the record, the whole cows milk thing.. yeah... humans don't have a natural tolerance for lactose. It's something that we develop: that means that those lactose intolerant people aren't the freaks, they're only human.

Stop telling me it's "unnatural" to be a vegetarian, otherwise I might have to tell you all about how natural the process that you get your "healthy" red meat is.