Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vegetarian primates

I have been told before that a vegetarian diet is unnatural for the following TWO reasons:

vitamin B12 only comes from meat or animal sources

and the fact that humans have incisors and canines (I'm told these are only found in meat eating mammals and that to deny our meat eating existence is unnatural).

I am here to dispel both of these myths.

true, vegetarians (especially vegans) have to face the facts. It is impossible in this day and age to get vitamin B12 without eating meat. However to say this means a vegetarian diet is UNNATURAL is unwarranted; the fact is, B12 is part of a bacteria that grows on the outside of plants and vegetables, as well as in the soil. It even grows in our mouths if we don't brush our teeth. So if we were completely natural (We didn't sanitize our fruit and vegetable with pesticides and chemical fruit washes, or brush our teeth), then we would get all the B12 we needed from fruit and vegetables. The fact is, we use a variety of different UNNATURAL methods to clean our fruit and vegetables and brush our teeth.

Now I get to move on to the one i dispelled ALL BY MYSELF.

the canines and incisors we have in our mouths are also found in the mouths of gorillas.

Huh, who cares, King Kong ate meat, so should we... right? wrong.

Gorillas are primarily VEGETARIAN (look it up on if you don't believe me). So what are their incisors and canines used for? The same thing ours are for. To tear and break tougher foods. Does this mean meat? No. Does this mean it's unnatural for us to eat meat? I wouldn't go that far, but I would go as far as saying that it's natural for us to NOT eat meat. The unnatural part comes when (because of modern technology and recent advancements) we can't get the same nutrients because we have neutralized them in our surroundings.

Oh and for the record, the whole cows milk thing.. yeah... humans don't have a natural tolerance for lactose. It's something that we develop: that means that those lactose intolerant people aren't the freaks, they're only human.

Stop telling me it's "unnatural" to be a vegetarian, otherwise I might have to tell you all about how natural the process that you get your "healthy" red meat is.


Blogger Elizabeth Caffey said...

b12 is in eggs and milk. you dont have to eat meat to get it.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Caffey said...

b12 is in eggs and milk. you don't have to eat meat to get it.
Just to be clear I am vegetarian too, it just looked like you were saying it was only in meat.

7:27 PM  

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